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Buyers Inspection (pre-purchase inspection)

By choosing to have a home inspection, you will know about any substantial problems before you actually buy the house. A house with too many problems can be stressful and can become a huge financial burden for you and your family. Protect yourself by learning all you can about the home before you buy.

The home inspection contingency can allow you to retract your offer if you decide that you don't want the home. You can also use the contingency to negotiate "remedies" of defects noted in the inspection
report. Your realtor will help you make the right decision based on information in the inspection report and circumstances of the real estate transaction.

The home inspection is a great opportunity to ask questions about the home and to learn how to operate installed systems. You are encouraged to ask questions during the inspection and you are provided with a useful inspection report that provides information about any concerns and recommendations for what to do about it. You will also learn of any safety issues with the home or any conditions or items that will be expensive to repair or replace.
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