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Sellers Inspection (pre-listing inspection)

A sellers inspection benefits all parties in a real estate transaction.

Your home can sell faster if pre-inspected. You can fix problems that are found during the inspection. You can keep receipts for repairs. The re-inspection report can show what's been fixed. Buyers can see this report when they look at your house. A sellers inspection report will make your home stand out. It shows that you have been a pro-active home owner and buyers want to buy a home that's well maintained. They might even be willing to pay more for it.

Buyers are very selective these days and they will be more likely to select your pre-inspected home if they believe it's in good condition, the condition of all other homes is unknown. 

Realtors love to show homes that have been pre-inspected because they are easier to sell and have fewer complications at closing. The last thing a realtor wants is to have a deal fall apart because of an issue reported in the buyers inspection. Buyers might even opt out of having an inspection if they know that your house has been pre-inspected.

Your realtor can advertise on the multiple listing service (MLS) that your home has been pre-inspected, a great marketing tool. Buyers will want to see your house because it has already been inspected and they can see the conditions in the report.
Useful Links for Sellers:

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This website offers useful information on hiring quality contractors and an online search tool to find them. 

Washington State Pest Management Association
Resource to find qualified pest control operators in your area.
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